Photo By Harry Odunze 

This page is blank, in your mind
These words aren’t here,
These words are lies.
your home is nothing of a home
Family members with characteristics of

You know nothing of these people,
For they are strangers.
It’s 5 a.m. And still you cry.
It’s safe to say, another days gone by.
You sleep till three, Wake up by nine
You’ll cry again, but swear you’re fine.
Another piece of crap,
Because you need a way out.
It’s just like what he said,
“aren’t you trying to bleed out?”
Another problem yet again,
About the boy you told.
You shared your darkest secret,
And now you watch him go.

Okay, kid.
It’s time to let these people go,
And get on with their lives
you’re jealous, and self-centered
And your pain, it still survives

Sorry folks, nothing to see here
Carry on, your life’s prevention
I apologize for this spectacle,
she just craves attention.

Written By Abbey

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