In these modern times, I have been shocked and often saddened by the state of past relationships. Recently, new reports have been focusing on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, also known as the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, choosing to abdicate their official position within the British Royal family. The DIS-loyal-ROYALS seemingly planned, plotted and strategized their exit unbeknownst to the Queen of England. The drama of it all has sparked international debate and commentary as we all watch from the sidelines. As outsiders, we can only speculate on their internal family issues. Something clearly has been said! They are obviously not exempt from family disfunction, just like the rest of us, and we’ve become gossips, avoiding our own family issues. Truth be told … I’m guilty as well.

My intention now is not to publicly speculate or argue any point on a family clearly imploding (I’ve already done that privately with my Tribe). I simply want to state the obvious which is relationships of all kinds can be very difficult with unexpected challenges. Who is right or wrong? Loyalty, just like beauty, is often in the eyes of the beholder as well. Perhaps both sides are at fault to some degree depending on the experiences, interests and moral compass of each party. Everyone has some accountability on the conflict simmering hotly below the surface. This is definitely true from my life experiences and observations. Whatever happens in the future will be determined by the resolve of all parties to agree to come together which is probably the hardest part about reconciliation especially if ego, pride,  jealousy, control issues, hidden agendas, or one of the “ism” is involved (racism, sexism, narcissism, etc)

Let me now state emphatically that there can be definitive high or low vibrational actions in any situation. Moral high ground is not to be taken lightly. All intentions and actions do have consequences resulting in positive or negative outcomes (reap what you sow).

If our relationships are too difficult to resolve, perhaps we should just focus on clearing our own issues first. After all, we are willing participants in the drama. What is your role and what does it have to teach you about yourself, and others? Are you living up to your highest potential as a human? We seemingly have lowered our moral compass to elevate Buckery (yes, I actually mean the word you’re thinking) over substantive people and situations. Our society – – as humans – – is in trouble.

  • We over value superficial, flashy material possessions, clout chasing, as though these things give us self worth and importance.
  • We value “Thotianas” or 304’s (translate backwards) over real, natural authentic girls and women with morals and flaws.
  • We value the right to carry guns over basic human safety and refuse to enact clear limits and protections.
  • We value all things beauty that help women to become plastic and inauthentic in appearance and personality (weave, eyelashes, cosmetic procedures, Kardashian speech inflection, etc). No, I’m not against women improving themselves but we have definitely gone to extremes.
  • We still think kindness is a weakness and play the win at all cost game.
  • We cannot see our common humanity and still devalue the lives of black boys and men.
  • Women have to fight for equal rights and the ability to just say N-O without further explanation or excuses.
  • We value and elevate narcissists over genuine, healthy humans with boundaries, and character.

I could go on and on because it has definitely become harder to find people who are genuine, honest, with morals (spiritual not religious), values, integrity, self sufficient (not codependent), and above all else loyal!!! Is anyone looking for people with these qualities? Do we even possess them personally? When did these character traits become devalued and obsolete? It definitely did not happen over night. What role do the indoctrination systems (familial and educational) have in shaping the cultural identity of its citizenry? Who is to blame for the DIS-loyalty we show ourselves and our relationships. Does anyone besides me even want them to return?

Hit me up, with a something’s been said Amen, if you feel the same way. I will definitely receive the vibes.  

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