My father had one arm,

the other cut off

by a tractor.

Walking home from the hospital

alone, at age twelve,

(his parents could spare no one from the farm)

he said to himself,

‘No one will chose Bill

for their baseball team.’

Cut off,

just like that.

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

This first week of COVID-19 limitations:

Postponing two memorial services

for dear loved friends,


and for those who cared

for each other.

Visiting nursing homes,


A 92 year old friend,

was recently moved

to a facility

away from friends.

Her son came from Hawaii.

Not allowed. 

She wrote to me,

“Outcry against children in cages,

separated from their moms and dads,

but what about sons and daughters

unable to visit their parents,

who are alone.”

Community Theater/Broadway

weeks of rehearsals.


Audience absent.


Photo by Jolanda van der Meer on Unsplash


With books waiting to be read

with people needing the internet

and the fulfilling programs

for the public. 



Where needy folks meet

Whose alcoholic relatives–

need them to be caring–and

who cannot share their pain

with anyone else

One friend’s dinner

was long, long overdue

had invited me,

having two of three difficult children

as I have.

Two friends,


dropped off

the face of the earth

Our congregation

Meeting virtually,


yet not touching

successfully meeting on line


Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash

In another life

One week ago

Friends played jazz in the library

Two others met at a restaurant

before seeing a play about Emmett Till.

Political meetings happened.

A friend’s play had a great reading

in a small theater.

Other friends met and shared the woes

of the country, Yemen,

cooking recipes of that country

and eating together

without a thought of our own hard times.

All suddenly cut off

without life

Seventy years later

my father said

he could feel

his nerve endings

in touch with the dead limb

as though it were still there,


and alive.

Written By Georgiana Hart 3/16/20

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