Post Rona Makeover

Several common businesses have been missed the most by people across the globe, both rich and poor, during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Being forced to “social distance” from the various beauty salons, bars, spas and shops and the skilled labor force of stylists, artists, healers and influencers have made most of us “Au natural” for the most part. In fact, many have not seen their natural hair color since childhood. The beauty services provided are extensive, ranging from hair, nails, eyelashes, weaves, wigs, make-up, massages, manicures, pedicures, tanning, waxing as well as cosmetic procedures for botox, fillers, chemical peels etc. You name it – – you can find someone to do or sell it. Each service makes the promise to have you look and feel FABULOUS (no refunds).

Photo by Veroniki Thetis Chelioti on Unsplash
A unibrow did not stop Frida Kahlo’s shine.

As a somewhat natural girl, I ain’t gonna lie. I miss my waxer. The whole unibrow thing is not a good look on me and plucking isn’t my forte. Even Anderson Cooper, CNN reporter, recently showed a bald spot on the side of his head created while he was trying to clip his own hair. These relatively harmless blunders are all apart of us relearning how to practice the art of self beauty care at home. Our moms and dads used to be our primary groomers, a long time ago, as we were forced to accept the various bowl cuts, blunt bangs, twisted pony tails, and smudged nail polished hands etc. Those were the good old days of simple looks as compared to the Kardashian inspired (beauty influencers), sometimes exaggerated renditions of “self” we see today. For example, I’ve seen some drag queens that looked more feminine than biologically born females. They also had better make-up tips.

“Yo man. I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to see if they can squeeze in a hair cut during the pandemic.

Anonymous Barber 

So, as our country begins rolling back restrictions and reopening various businesses (16 states thus far including South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi etc.), lots of women and men are waiting to flock in droves to their favorite businesses to get their beauty “grooves” back. Hopefully, most of these businesses will be viable, along with your favorite stylists and tastemakers after this long shut down of our economy. Since most people would never willingly leave or cheat on their trusted “beauty fixer”, especially since they know your “hidden” qualities and how to bring out your “authentic, natural” beauty, it will be a double blow if they are no longer in business following COVID-19. These workers are just like family to many of us, as we’ve gotten advice, shared our problems and successes through laugher, tears and a fresh hair cut. 

Where will you go, first, as America starts to reopen its doors? A lot of humans around the world have lost their lives. There is still no publicly approved vaccine. We also have limited testing capability to identify who may have or had COVID-19. This will not stop some from reaching out to schedule those neglected beauty appointments – – tugging along with them their masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.   Something has been said, most definitely! Science should override our vanity – – right? The old saying that “Beauty Is Pain” will be true, indeed, if we are not careful in how we proceed. Good luck!

Follow the data, look at the science, listen to the health care professionals and use your common sense.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms 
Responds to Georgia Reopening After COVID-19 Restrictions
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