45 and Crew Know Wassup

What does the White House know that we, the general public, don’t? I kept thinking this same question while watching the daily US press briefings with the president and his crew. No masks. check. No social distancing. check. No hand sanitizer. check. Touching the podium.  check. The US vice president even recently refused to wear a mask during a tour of the Mayo Clinic even though all the medical personnel and hospital staff wore masks. WTF? Again, what do they know or have access to, that we, the general public, don’t? Something has been said, for sure!

TrUth is indeed stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” 

Mark Twain

It isn’t just the absence of these leaders not incorporating the recommended CDC guidelines, its their swag lately. No one would say that they have the charisma like the Jamie St. Patrick character, also known as Ghost from the show POWER on STARZ, but both the president and vice present have been giving off a little more cocky, confident vibe – – bordering on a kind of smugness with knowing you are untouchable or are getting over on someone who doesn’t have a clue. Bullies, haters, and narcissists all give off a certain vibe when they think they have the upper hand. I can feel the energy radiating from their words and actions. The Ghost character was a shrewd businessman, and sometimes killer, who always had a plan B and an exit strategy – – until the final episode in which he was killed by his own son (not expected but he should have seen it coming). Surely, there may be a COVID-19 plan B in place unbeknownst to everyday folks but most strategies have flaws with sometimes unanticipated events and consequences. TrUthfully, it could be the ultimate power move in a chess game – – The Art of War – – to keep us all in the dark and fearful. In politics, nothing is at it seems so maybe they are just simply trying to convince us that everything is okay so that we can go back to normal (Jedi mind trick giving a false sense of security as states reopen across the country).

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln

So, wouldn’t that just be some buckery if we found out there was a vaccine the whole time? Are we getting played? Is there some other more “unbelievable” issue going on here? Perhaps, there is a natural herbal remedy that not only boosts the immune system but prevents or even cures one from catching the virus as well. Now, wouldn’t that just be some S.H.I.T? I am not the only person raising these same questions (a few tribe members too) but I’m not going to worry or even write about this issue after this month (okay . . . will try to resist the urge). As my momma always says “What goes on in the dark, eventually comes to the light.” Ya’ll know that I have some conspiracy theory tendencies but trust me – – 45 and the crew know wassup.

Truthful or not … legal or illegal.
Plan B has to work on the public.

Blog Update 5/11/20: We, the people, do not take any satisfaction in recent media headlines showing White House officials testing positive for COVID-19. The Media and some tribe members believe 45 and crew are operating on blind faith or painful ignorance endangering White House staff. We, the people, need the answers unveiled for all to see and pray that our government and its leadership make sound decisions. Something’s been said for sure! If the government fails, We, the people, are at risk of failure. Looks like 45 and crew may not know wassup and will collectively have some splainin to do.

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