Pretty Black Girl PSA

The word persona, in everyday usage, is a social role or character one presents to other people as opposed to their real nature or character. Its word origin is Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask. Therefore, your persona or personality is your personal mask. Throughout this website, we have advocated that removing one’s “false” self mask and replacing it with your “TrUe”, authentic self is much needed. I stand by this assertion because the advantages of doing so are limitless. I’ve worked really hard to make sure the real me matches what you see (even though the Rona (COVID-19) temporarily forced me to wear a mask for safety).


I am who I say I am.

I am transparent enough for you to know the real, authentic me and sense my energy.  Please believe me – – I mean what I say and I say what I mean. All my interactions with self and others are based upon my personal TrUth – – life experiences and my INNER-knowing. My actions and “yes’s” or “no’s” mean something (carry weight – – no fakery or double-mindedness). As we may all continue to wear or slowly start to remove the physical masks forced on us by the Rona, I still encourage you to unveil the real, authentic you (persona in alignment with mind, body and spirit). This unveiled, authentic divine human interests me immensely. Our world will one day celebrate and most definitely benefit from your positive energy and vibes.

No one can duplicate the legendary beauty and walk of Naomi but we can all be inspired.

Who is
Imperfect. Evolving. Fierce. Human
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