Is HIS-story TrUthful?

It is generally accepted that whomever holds the POWER in most situations can control the public narrative. This is particularly true in discussing historical events. What we think and believe about ourselves, others, our country and world is greatly influenced by the person(s) telling the story even in more intimate relationships. On a more global scale, our governments and its vast leaders, rulers and elite class are in the highest position to dictate via the educational system and media what the populous knows and understands about local, national and world events. Some of what we have collectively believed to be the TrUth, in its entirety, are in fact partially or completely false. To one day come to this realization is to begin a real awakening process. It can shatter your worldview, blowing your mind to smithereens, since many of the perceptions of self, our relationships, and country are not necessarily accurate. 

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African proverb: “Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter”

I have had many mind blowing experience like this in my lifetime. So many that I willingly retreated into forced self isolation (social distancing even before COVID-19) in order to get my bearings. I would pose the question to myself, “Is that what was really going on?” Thinking about past decisions and choices built upon faulty judgments and information is quite shocking, humbling – – and sometimes embarrassing.  During college, one of my professors was an attractive Frenchman (LOL … this point is relevant because his accent forced me to listen a little more closely) who taught American history, not from the view point of American exceptionalism, but from a more global perspective and position. His presentation, along with his challenging, unfiltered discussion questions based upon historical data, facts and written evidence on various American events and policies, made me question a lot about what I had been previously taught. He also unveiled US government actions demonstrating human rights violations and imperialism in a clear and direct (hard&black) manner. It wasn’t done in a bashing or disparaging way. He simple told the complete TrUth, both the positive and the negative attributes of this great country. I was not startled by his remarks (being a woman of color with an understanding of my ancestors’ past experiences) but many students were seemingly shook to the core hearing that America was, in fact, not above reproach. They often left without looking at anyone or saying anything at the end of class. They were either “spooked” or “unhinged” as their worldview or maybe self-identity was called into question. Their responses and actions clearly reflected it. Interesting, right?

“Exceptionalism is the perception or belief that a species, country, society, institution, movement, individual, or time period is “exceptional”. The term carries the implication, whether or not specified, that the referent is superior in some way.”

Whenever a person’s perceived reality is challenged and they can’t refute or answer back, one of  the first things they do is either avoid the topic, change the argument or even throw out insults. Most need time to process the information and its potential implications. On this website, we have encouraged everyone to use their God given common sense and INNER-knowing. Even if you read something being presented by ME as fact or my opinion, you should still use your own discernment. Many people are so strongly programmed to believe whatever the media, society or the various indoctrination systems tell them that it becomes virtually impossible to shift their perspective. Real wisdom is knowing that you don’t necessarily know all aspects of a subject matter for sure. There are some unbelievable TrUth tellers out there in the world if you choose to find them. I stand by the spiritual idea to, “seek and you shall find.” You may choose to not do so as well (whatever floats your boat is fine with me) but at a minimum, we can respectfully agree to disagree.

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Free Your Mind Like the Black Panther
Black panthers look different from the rest of the felines, and behaves differently too.
It has the ability to roar and is so stealthy that it’s known as “The Ghost of the Jungle”.

Powerful TrUth telling about America’s pastand present.
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