A 3ACT Story

“There once was a little black girl” Some people know parts of my familial indoctrination story. Not many know specific details on every event unless they’ve earned the privilege. Only a select few know my present reality either. Privacy is a valuable commodity. But no one knows my future yet to be defined within my heart but me and spirit. It will remain veiled.

Why am I making these statements? It now time to deconstruct my 3ACT story filling in some blanks and unveiling a few past experiences, observations and musings related to this game called life. My vision for this website was to offer girls and women encouragement for self discovery and healing, especially those who might have been emotionally orphaned during childhood. I now understand that my only real purpose is to heal myself (still a work in progress – – got 20% more room for growth LOL). For the record, the only way I ever changed my familial indoctrination and life direction was to rewrite my way out of it losing people, places and ideas that did not serve my highest good. (Period). I now understand the necessity of all my experiences and my reason for being here. It all makes sense  – – the good, bad and the ugly – – all served a higher purpose. Each lesson offered an important opportunity for growth preparing me for my destiny. If this resonates for you, please use and learn from my past experiences – – or not.

American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton left 
his home, as an orphan, in search of his life’s purpose  
– – writing his destiny along the way.

My writing collection is legendary (in my own mind) outlining the early musings of a confused child, teenager and woman trying to make sense out of chaos  – – observing human hypocrisy while also fighting to “unveil” her true, authentic self. In fact, these journals and diaries served as my training ground for becoming surgical in knowing self, boundary enforcement and bullsh!t detection. They also describe my hopes and dreams as I learned to become a fighter and warrior. As Muhammad Ali demonstrated, a real champion of life masters self, handles the inevitable failure with class and grace, and perseveres to rise again (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Pai Mei, ruthless martial arts master, Training School – Kill Bill

We are all enrolled in life’s training school. Did you pass your Saturn lessons?

Encountering many challenges  – – abandonment, rejection, bullying, failure, slander, gossip, heart break, racism, sexism, discrimination and lots more – – provided the “fitness test” needed for my spiritual growth. My worst regrets are still the self inflicted wounds. Yet, I am still here – – sound in mind, body and spirit. I am a survivor. And so are you. What will WE do with our individual and collective NU beginnings and opportunities? Now ponder that for a minute …..

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”

Robert Louis Stevenson
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