Earthquake Awakening

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake ripped through my home state in the US in August 2020. It was the strongest earthquake in more than a century with the last event happening in 1916. My neighbors responded with calls, tweets and posts to our community board while the local media reported the story. So, what did I do? I was lying in bed snuggling under the covers (head too… LOL) silently doing my morning ritual of prayer and giving gratitude. I did feel a slight nudging on my ankle as if I had been gently touched by someone but it never occurred to me that this was due to an earthly event. When I got up, I was totally surprised that an actual earthquake had happened. Some people seemed slightly shook about what had occurred but I could not stop smiling in awe. I felt complete joy with an unexplainable inner-peace. This may sound crazy since earthquakes are a natural phenomenon but I felt like I had been touched by the universe giving me a divine message. A call to ACTION had just been sounded and I received it with reverence. It was after this event that I had a range of ideas on what to do next in preparation for (____________) – – something important being said. Using chart paper, my preferred choice to outline next steps, I drafted my “death ground” plans and strategies based upon my INNER-knowing about potential events.

Lion’s Gate Awakening

Not hiding my crazy ya’ll.

So why am I telling you all this? You never know what will trigger you to take action (crisis, challenge or something else). What have you been procrastinating to do? What is worth standing up or fighting for? Are you a warrior or passive in this game called life? It is this INNER-questioning or angst that brings out your trUe, authentic character and life purpose. I have never been one to close my eyes when obvious facts are staring me in the face preferring to look at hard&black trUth even if it hurts. And – – I have never blindly followed the crowd either. But, when the universe tells me to go or ACT, I will do what I am told.



I am ready.

This blog post may not be for some – – only my soul tribe who truly feel the energy will get it – – but it is time for ACTION y’all. Time to vote. Time for economic empowerment. Time for equality and justice for all. Time for personal and mental self improvement. Time for generational wealth. Time to build a world legacy worthy enough for children to thrive. We each have a different life purpose and mission. Our personal life path cannot be judged based upon anyone else’s journey. Perhaps, our main responsibility at this time is to honor the life force we’ve been given, learn from every life lesson and protect and love ourselves, other humans and the world’s gifts entrusted under our care. More than ever, I feel ready to be the change that is needed in the world. It will get better when enough humans commit the time, energy and effort to make it better. We cannot get stuck on the present. We must absorb the low vibrational pain, negativity and hate, and use our collective mind to re-imagine the future. We must create our NU world energetically before it happens.

In case you’re wondering, my closet tribe members trust my INNER-knowing about half the time (LOL). We’re still a team, not perfect, but we support each other and work well together in a crisis or if a challenge appears. If one of us says says zig, the other says zag. If this message resonates for you, think about what you’ve been called to do and take ACTION. My wake up call was a 5.1 earthquake. What do you need to awaken?

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