I Met With Deception

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

The last the narrowest corner

in the whole wide world.

There I met with deception.


Lying face down on the bed

Someone said to me

You’re more beautiful than ever

The people outside all love you even more than they did.


Only one step away from a deception

I could not lay bare.

Your waking might have only lasted minutes.

I wanted to say

the red tablets are like seeds if one looks at them long enough.

What I really wanted to say was

what human beings enjoy most

is, at close distance,

to gather round bleeding wounds.


As for all those things on the outside

I wanted to hide them, I could not help myself.

I wanted to grow in a flurry a thousand hands.

I thought to pray to God

to protect you with unconsciousness

I was forced to stand on the side of lies.


I’ve come from the outside.

Day after day

my high-strung heart

stores up an intricate thread-like terror.


You have made

the bedspread crumpled all over.

Again and again

I have failed to smooth that cotton.


I’ve done all I can

to take up your line of sight.

Apart from my hands

I don’t know what else

I can use to shelter you with.

Written By Wang Xiaoni

Translation: 2004, Simon Patton

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