As the 2020 election closed, I wondered like others what drama awaits. This is not a pessimistic statement in the least. As poet Maya Angelou once surmised, I simply believe people when they show me who and what they are (inside and out). So it should come as no surprise the behavior we see exhibited by our current leadership, specifically “45 and crew”. It is still discouraging and even heartbreaking to witness the potentially dangerous theater from the sidelines. I only wish my grandfather could have gotten an opportunity to see this moment. He would know what to say using simply and poetic prose even if it only made you laugh so that you did not cry. Perhaps, he would say, “a hit dog will holla” or the bible quote Peter:2:22, “A DOG RETURNS TO ITS OWN VOMIT,” and, “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire.” Something would’ve been said for sure to sum up the current state of our union. No matter what happens, however, a moment like this will go down in his-tory as an extraordinarily low point for the United States of America.

So today, I find myself exploring the idea of accountability leading to repentance. To be accountable means to take responsibility for one’s actions, whether in success or failure. It is a sign of maturity, integrity and honor to stand in your own circumstances especially after a win or defeat. Your conduct is a reflection of your authentic self (not a persona brilliantly constructed to a mask the real you). Depending on how one responds, both grace and forgiveness can lie beneath the “veil” when you can demonstrate the important characteristic traits of high moral fortitude. These times have exposed a huge character void in the populous not just for “45 and crew” but within humanity itself as we witness a spiritual struggle between our darker impulses and the better angels of the human spirit.

“I made decisions. I accept the ramifications of those decisions. No one forced me to take that person as my accountant; no one forced me to take that person as my lawyer. No one forced me to believe what they were saying. That was on me,” he said. “I don’t have time to sit back and say I was wronged and recapture all that was lost.”

Wesley Snipes, Actor

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a story about actor, Wesley Snipes, commenting on his release from a two and a half year stint in prison for tax evasion. Although I am not a huge fan, I was impressed with his response reflecting both humility and accountability. If you ever wondered what it sounds like when someone finally takes responsibility, this is it on a silver platter. His response signaled that he learned a valuable life lesson. He fully repented for his past mistakes which is all one can do after a human error or fall from grace even if not entirely due to your own actions. The actor professed to becoming a “better person” while gaining “20/20  vision” in hindsight. It will remain to be seen if he will uphold this commitment since everyone seems to find “Jesus” or ישוע when their freedom, health or life style is in jeopardy. 

Photo by Dil on Unsplash

It will all be illuminated. 

As harsh as this may sound, this is why we often need challenges to trigger radical change. Pain and suffering can have a healing effect for those who have been broken, corrected and molded by its harsh judgement. Trust me, I speak from personal experience caused by the many mistakes (hard&black trUth) in my own life (personal and professional) that permanently changed my beliefs and actions triggering a desire to be and do better in the future. One can teeter on becoming bitter at first as the karmic wheels go round and round, illuminating the issues but eventually we all learn to do what we have to do to change our circumstances – – or not.

Made ya look … 3act is about  “US”

As we’re all made to look at the transition theater leading to the new Biden/Harris administration, we must try not to despair or fret as the political drama unfolds. Everything is happening as it should to correct “US” as a collective. Unfortunately, it may get a little more embarrassing, hurtful and even potentially dangerous as the rhetoric escalates. If we would have addressed the difficult issues within our country prior to now, perhaps the current angst would not be necessary. But, we resisted the call for healing (systemic racism, poverty, violence against women, child abuse, etc). We resisted the alarm to change our indoctrination systems. We resisted the trumpets telling us to think differently about each other and our world. What may come next could be surprising and disconcerting but a Nu thing is being done. The process for manifesting an extraordinary love affair or work of art is quite intense, taking time and energy to produce a thing of such beauty. The call to create “a more perfect union” will require no less effort if we really want to get it right (ok maybe not perfect …. just a little bit better) – – next time.

We are all Americans.

Love of country is worth the effort.

But, what if it refuses to love you back?

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