The irresistible and benevolent light

brushes through the angel-wing begonias,

the clippings of ruddy ears for the living room.

Intimate motes, debris of grounded, forlorn walks,

speckle through the vitreous quality of blush.

As fluid lulls turn like trout backs, azure-tipped fins

oscillate in the shallows, the clear floating

is dizziness.

Tender events are meeting halves and wholes of affinity,

the recurrence of whimsy and parallel streams

flush away the blockage of malaise.

Incessant gratitude, pliable kindness smolders

in the husk of these sweet accumulations:

abalone shells, the thoughtful carvings from friends,

the stone of another’s pocket, the photo of mystified

moon over water, the smiles of worn chairs.

Austere hopes find pleasure in lately cherished flowers.

The blooms are articulate deluge, hues of delicacy.

Petals parted dim renderings, the viable imprint

of the blood-hot beam of light with reformed courage.

Beveling the finish to suppression, the blade of choice

brings the flourish of dividing while adequately doubling

worth by two. Multiplying. The luminescent burning of space.

The heat is a domicile as abandoned as red roses budding

their ascension from stem.

Written By Elizabeth Woody

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