The Great American Reset

How do we change the heart and soul of America? Do we start by changing the cultural identity of what it means to be American? Is it even possible for us to become “one nation” accepting diversity and its varied manifestations which makes “US” distinctly “US”. These are the questions I’ve pondered since the election of president elect Biden and vice president Harris. Clearly a “reset” of sorts is needed because we have “unveiled” something too monstrous and toxic to not be dealt with now. Something has been said for sure!!!

“Today is a good day. It’s easier to be a parent this morning. It’s easier to be a dad. It’s easier to tell your kids character matters. It matters. Tell them trUth matters. Being a good person matters. It’s easier for a whole lot of people. If you’re Muslim in this country, you don’t have to worry if the president doesn’t want you here. If you’re an immigrant, you don’t have to worry if the president is going to be happy to have babies snatched away or to send Dreamers back for no reason

Van Jones, Political Commentator

Who may have the answers to the American dilemma with half the country seemingly focussed more on self-interest than the plight of humanity? With every thing we’ve experienced as a collective, it is still a little stunning and unbelievable the lack of empathy and compassion for “others.” Perhaps, knowing something is not the same thing as accepting what you see and hear. Yet, only the willfully foolish, naive, ignorant, mentally ill or dare I say evil are even capable of ignoring what has transpired in 2020. In the 80’s, our society exploded with the mantra supporting the notion that both power and greed are good to this country’s demise. We oscillated from our core beliefs about the importance of character to a low vibration where people are making an honest living being hypocritical, ratched, toxic, and inhumane. Money and exterior appearance matter more than the human soul. America doesn’t like blacks, old people, children, poor people, immigrants. Did I miss anyone? All of this hate and fear has been illuminated under the banner of “self interest” which has made some to look the other way as “others” suffer. This just can’t be how it all ends for “US.” Our individual self interest need not supersede the well being of “others” and  humanity. We can coexist – – right?

When greed was good …..

Recently, I’ve been hearing media pundits, business leaders, politicians and globalists calling for a “Great Reset” following our COVID-19 experience. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, for example, recently called the Covid-19 pandemic a perfect “opportunity” to initiate the “Great Reset”. For some, conspiracy theories abound as the “Great Reset” is taking on a negative connotation signaling the ultimate plan to control the world economy with the formation of a cashless society and mass control of human behavior with restrictive lockdowns and forced mask mandates. Even in the face of a public health crisis, we still can’t seem to accept that some changes in behavior are necessary and warranted without allowing fear and hate to cloud our better judgements.

You have been trained to be numb to life. You have been desensitized beyond your comprehension so you can’t use words like emotions when you don’t have them. You’d rather be dumb for money than brilliant for legacy.”

Jaguar Wright, Singer, Provocatuer, Empress

Yet, I can still see evidence of a Nu Amẹríkà trying to birth possibilities and hope for the future. Beyond the collective fear and narcissism, movement is taking place within communities as people begin to reevaluate their recent choices and experiences. A mentor once stressed to me that when YOU change, all your relationships, including to self and others, has to change as well. This is why the mental state and mindset of individuals must be the starting point for making any type of American trans-form-ation. Illumination must begin within the hearts and soul of  “US” and enough of “US” would also have to be wiling to strip away a lot of what we thought we knew about self, others and this country. We would have to be willing to admit that some of what we’ve been taught was either partially or completely b$llshit and relearn life again. This is the type of “Great Reset” I am hoping for (a kind of “do over” after making a terrible error in judgement or wrong turn in Albuquerque, NM).

Allophilia is having a positive attitude towards outgroup members. The outgroup members can be anyone who possesses characteristics that are different from one’s own, such as people of different races, religions, cultures, etc. It is a framework for understanding effective intergroup leadership and is conceptualized as a measurable state of mind with tangible consequences.

The word was coined in 2006 by Harvard professor Todd L. Pittinsky after he was unable to find an antonym for prejudice in any dictionary.The term  is derived from Greek words meaning “liking or love of the other.”


Sometimes the trUth is gritty and hard& black no chaser but it is still the trUth no matter who says or reviews it. It also doesn’t have to to convince everyone especially those who willfully choose to remain blind. Authentic change is often like this as well. It most definitely isn’t easy either as one confronts mistakes  striving to make progressive, measurable improvements. But, we can do it with strategic planning along with hard work, energy and effort. And, those who can’t embrace the changes now may one day see the illumination within their own hearts (maybe via something magical or divine prompting  – – ישוע). So, I’m dreaming of a more perfect union this Thanksgiving… one nation under a distinctly American groove fulfilling the promises made so long ago. 

One nation under a divine NU groove ….
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