What’s Your Next Move Queen?

As we seemingly speed through the holiday season, 2020 has been the year to cling to whatever spiritual beliefs one holds dear following the “unveiling” of America’s shortcomings. Our lives have been uprooted from the norms as the election results continue to be a source of angst. What will happen in the next 30 days before 45 leaves office has not been determined but we can all continue to expect the unexpected. If you’re like me, perhaps every small nugget of normalcy was just enough of a reminder to still be grateful for life and the opportunities to spend quality time connecting with one’s tribe – – even if only through Zoom. Within a double-minded country completely“unveiled” (some even describe “US” as “jacked up” beyond recognition), there are still small moments of insight and peace too precious to dismiss. So, keep your eyes on your own blessings and opportunities no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. For me, simply co-creating with spirit – – ישוע  – – and having peace of mind is more than enough – – indeed.

Which side will win in the end?


Meet the “Predator Killer” ready and wiling 
to enforce justice. Ok, maybe not for ALL but …

Yet, there can be no doubt that an intricate chess game is taking place within our democracy. And, the stakes are much too serious to proceed business as usual even after the Biden/Harris administration assumes leadership in 2021. Let me now state what everyone, especially my tribe, must be thinking at this moment in time. Something has been said! It has been a year of revelations, retribution, exposure, unraveling, payback, comeuppance and judgement. Wow! A societal reckoning entered our country like a “predator killer” with a two edged sword ready to strike the unjust, unlawful and even the innocent without preferential treatment and regardless of privilege. It still seems unbelievable even though most can clearly sense the energetic sickness within the minds and hearts of some just below the surface (not talking about COVID-19 here). 

Photo by ErnAn Solozábal  on Unsplash

What is your next move?

During the holiday season, we may be challenged to stay hopeful and “prayed up” expecting positive outcomes while reviewing the lessons and blessings clearly visible in everyday life and hiding in the shadows. A tribe member recently reminded me of this poignant point. The couple sent a video of their beautiful daughter taking her first few steps. She was so cute while awkwardly steading herself before taking each movement but her efforts were still done with such focus and determination. It reminded me that even during a crisis, life still happens in small incremental movements. While we must all stay abreast of events in our country, we each have an obligation to live fully as humans – – using steady, calculated movements – – to connect to others, love and participate in this game called life. Nothing is guaranteed so think strategically about each move and consequences until the win or loss (vision) is undeniable.

Win or lose – – Tis the season to learn lessons, embrace accountability and practice gratitude.

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