Special Delivery … Just for YOU

2020 has been the year of profound upheaval and –  – change. No where is it being expressed more than via the journey by women of color who are emerging fully in their innate power with influence and authenticity. For once, it feels FREE to just BE. As a result, we all should celebrate our individual and collective journeys knowing that it has all been divinely orchestrated. Through hard work, energy and effort, women have helped impact the American story and ushered in the acceptance of new beauty standards encompassing diversity. Even recently UPS lifted a number of restrictions regarding the appearance of its employees, including facial hair guidelines and a ban on natural Black hairstyles. WOW!

Women of color have helped to champion the acceptance of 
diverse beauty standards globally. Even employees wearing the 
iconic brown UPS uniform can now also sport facial hair and 
afros, braids, and other protective styles. Interesting right?

So, today I want to thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of my personal musings while reveling in the “unveiling” of all things divine feminine. Everyone is still learning important lessons and accepting that we are all both fabulous and flawed in this school called life. Perhaps this revelation is what makes us the most human and beautiful. Our life’s path with all the trials, relationships, losses, lovers, and successes should be celebrated. No more self pity or regret because everything served an important purpose and is as it should be. Just look around you and listen … the evidence of change is here.

Did you receive and embrace your gifts? 

Real QUEENS work and train hard before wearing the CROWN.

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