Define Love

That tangible dream as perceptual touch,

the extended soul by birth anticipated so much.

Beauties fairest trade wherein all adjust itself in time,

life’s captivity for that motion fragrance to refine.

Passion as smoke and emotion glow as love’s fire,

selfless illumination become the treasure desire.

Contented with what one posses in life,

ecstasies at moments that proof that strive.

Love’s oblique by all angle create that tear,

touching a infinite generation planisphere.

Parallel individual living that us bind,

in time to gives us that rhythm to find.

Sensation and exaltation are not the same,

pleasure is the sensation to tame.

Happiness comes from divine exaltation,

and only true form of liberation.

Loving thoughts as refreshment to the mind,

love subsistence for the heart so kind.

Truth as sustenance of the soul by al might,

definition of love and its passage of rite.

Written By Robert Ritte

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