The language of L*O*V*E

Witness the Great Conjunction (Christmas Star) of 2020
Telluride, CO 1:42 AM · Dec 22, 2020·IFTTT

“We’re honestly engaging in each other. We’re honestly sharing with our community, and whoever else wants to listen, we’re not closing. I don’t lock the door and we’re not cutting off any communication here and anybody who wants to tune in can tune in. That’s the language of love. We are communicating and we are trying to help each other get through it. Cause it’s still not going to be easy… Nobody’s saying if you got any sense at all. You know that what’s coming is not going to be easy.”

Nikki Giovanni, Poet and Agent Provocateur
The Breakfast Club 

What is the language of love? NYC Radio personality, Charlemagne the God asked Nikki Giovanni, famed poet and agent provocateur, her definition for the language of love on his radio show, The Breakfast Club. As best as I could, I transcribed her response for the sake of this post. She responded with all the wisdom and insight that life experience can produce when a person has lived fully in one’s trUth with integrity and afforded the blessing of wisdom. During this holiday season, I mused about her response as well as other definitions of love and its varied expressions and manifestations. Similarly to the different views about spirituality and connecting to the Divine, the meaning of love can take on different hues and angles yet there seems to be a core essence that most can intuitively understand – – – and feel. At a minimum, we can all accept that L-O-V-E is an action word resulting from an alignment between the heart, mind and body for without ACTION it means nothing remaining simply another 4-letter word.

Experience the wisdom of King Lamar.

The faker you are, the bigger your circle will be. 
The realer you are, the smaller your circle will be. 

Do you agree? 

As the world’s most recognized and celebrated holiday approaches, I hope you all find a way to experience and express this most precious and sacred emotion called L-O-V-E even if it is only to appreciate the Divine maker of humanity. It might still be a little difficult for some to forget the unbelievable revelations of 2020 but we have all endured and learned valuable lessons about ourselves, each other and this world. The trUth of the matter is that it will be difficult to unlearn what has been “unveiled” this year. Something clearly has been said! But as the saying goes – – “It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.” Life can only make you stronger and wiser if your intention is aligned with this frequency. But, it can also inspire change forcing “US” to evolve and maybe even L-O-V-E more – – authentically, fearlessly and unselfishly. After all, if Jupiter and Saturn can come into alignment to create the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ for the first time in 800 years, perhaps the universe is also signaling a divine revelation that there is still hope for US

Simply beautiful Christina!

Just a final thought  ………

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