RIP Empress Tyson

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

We lost an EMPRESS yesterday. Some women are born into royalty with a crown as their birthright while others seemingly earn it by being inherently divinely royal. Ms. Cecily Tyson, actress, philanthropist and agent provocateur, represented such a woman who was undeniably a Divine Feminine – – complete in her glory always showcasing impeccable grace, beauty and personal integrity. I loved Ms. Tyson for her incredible work as an actress. But more importantly, I respected Ms. Tyson for the self love and consciousness she displayed in how she lived her life – – gifted, black, trUthful and unapologetically feminine. Since the 1960’s, she championed the idea for black women to embrace their own standards of beauty and refused to accept roles that diminished or degraded them instead of showing their full humanity, strength and dignity. So you see, nothing I have written on this blog about the miseducation of the so called “pretty for a black girl” is unique or original yet the message still needs to be corrected and delivered from every indoctrination system within our society. We have no excuse because once you know something has been said incorrectly and you do not change your thoughts or actions with the intention to do better or to help others in the process – – if possible — is a travesty.

So salute Empress Tyson! You will remain an Umi in my head. We will all miss your presence in this reality but your standards and essence will resonate within our hearts and consciousness forever.

“Real Queens fix each others crown” said Ms. Tyson

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