Love is Colorblind, Our World is Not

In a recent discussion with an elder tribe member, the subject pertaining to  l-o-v-e in a multi-cultural society became the topic of discussion. More and more people today are finding soul mates from different races as some barriers to inequality and bias have decreased slowly over the years. Beautiful mixed race children have always existed and are being born increasingly to families across the globe. For me personally, I have always believed that love – – the most powerful energetic frequency – – is indeed colorblind. Whomever you choose to love is deeply personal and mysterious too. Finding the right chemistry with anyone can be difficult but it is truly a blessing if you meet someone who fills that space for you ultimately speaking your own love language. Some might also speculate that these relationships have a specific predetermined destiny – – whether consciously or unconsciously aware — for each person to fulfill in their life’s mission. Based upon past HIS-torical and current events, however, we also know that the world we live in is not colorblind nor should it be since our cultural and ethnic heritage makes us – – US. Seeing “color” is only an issue when people make biased and prejudicial assumptions about “others” manifesting actions steeped in racial injustice which continue even today.

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Racial inequity has not been conquered in our world.

Nothing really compares to being loved or being loving towards another. It simply feels “divine” even if the relationships are platonic. Love only hurts when relationships becomes toxic or inauthentic for oneself or the “other”. Yet, we all want it like a heat seeking missile hoping to find its target. Just like the vibration of hate, love can be felt intuitively and doesn’t need much fanfare. One simply knows when someone is right for you in that moment of time and based upon who you claim to BE. It is something you just feel in your gut.

Although I often blog about the pervasive social injustices steeped in racial inequality, there remains in my mind a distinction when it comes to love between beating h^arts. People must be allowed to live their trUth without unnecessary criticism, interference or commentary from “others’ who have no idea what makes YOU or that relationship tick. Besides – –  If all parties are happy, what difference should it make to anyone – – unless there is some abuse happening or you’re a hater sitting on the sidelines of love. Finding authentic love is just too precious to miss out on an opportunity simply because the person you love differs ethnically or their gender identification is different from what your family of origin or friendship circle might want for you. So – – keep “others” out of your personal business and pursue love connections based upon your own h^art space and what it right for you.

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Something’s been said about L-O-V-E.

My loving resume has always included people who resonated with me somehow regardless of ethic background, occupation, nationality, zodiac sign, etc. A long time ago, I found a little book on love during a h^art breaking experience that influenced my perspective on this magical, frequency called love. There was a lot contained in those pages yet some lessons were so simple I can generally reference them to this day. 

  • First, your personal love choices will tell a lot about you – – your preferences and expectations. If you ever choose to dig a little deeper, you will be able to identify your conscious and unconscious indoctrination related to love via the familial, societal and educational systems which all demonstrated what It should look, feel, and behave like. Depending on what you were taught, you might see some healthy and/or toxic love patterns that were modeled for you by “others”. 
  • Second, love often provides a lot of life experiences and an opportunity for personal growth. We all evolve during these encounters – – hopefully for the better but not always. 
  • Finally, authentic, healthy love is an action word requiring giving and receiving by all parties involved. No one necessarily gives the exact same thing yet all parties are mostly satisfied (LOL …ever heard of the 80/20 rule).
The Biblical teachings in the Book of Paul 1 
Corinthians 12:31-13:8a offers much needed 
clarity on the subject of L-O-V-E.

In 2020, there are over 7.7 billion people living on this planet we call Earth. The idea of finding the right soul tribe and partner(s) to meet your love needs are endless if you really think about it. Who and what these people will look like is where the real mystery begins. So, be open to the possibilities while keeping your conscious and unconscious prejudices and bias in check and remember the Shakespearean quote – – To Thine Self Be TrUe.

L-O-V-E is color blind indeed but WE still see color.
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