True Face

The mask has fallen.

Like glass it has shattered into tiny pieces,

Never to be repaired again.

Every piece representing a lie behind the truth,

A secret that was thought to be better off hidden.


True light revealed itself today.

Shining bright like never before,

Exposing all the darkness nearby.

The shadows disappeared,

The ghosts all fled,

Yet you showed your face for the first time.


From head to toe I saw you.

As if a veil had been lifted,

I saw you as a whole new person.

The comfort I once felt vanished in an instant,

Replacing itself with a cold shiver.


With every positive comes a negative,

Yin and Yang.

Today I saw the evil that I once believed to be good.

I saw the tricks and the schemes,

Instead of seeing the adoration and smile.


God has a purpose for everything that occurs in our lives.

From the good days to the bad,

Each event has a reason behind it.

Today I was showen your true colors,

My sight was blessed today to see the truth.

The truth behind the lies,

Behind the mysteries,

Behind the betrayel.


Instead of shedding tears,

Instead of blocking everyone out,

I choose to embrace this blessing.

I choose to remain strong,

To remain sane,

To move on with no regrets,

Without looking back…

Thank you, for showing me your true face.

^^^ ^^^ ^^^

Written By Joanne German

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