Yin & Yang *

You are the yin to my yang,

If I am proper speech,

Then you are my street slang.

You and I are the verse,

And together we make up the universe.

You are my water,

And I am your earth,

So if you are useless,

Then I am all that’s worth.

You are the molecule,

And I am the atom —

If I am Eve,

Then you must be Adam.

You’re my sir

And I am your madam.

If you are the devil,

Then I must be an angel;

Because only happiness can show what’s painful.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

How does passion and love exist without the presence of pain?

And how could one even explain:

The meaning of joy or interpret sadness?

Yin or yang is not a person or a being —

It just simply happens.

Both must be able to coexist,

Because without balance,

How could there be an experience of bliss?

Written by Sherrie Elle Poetry

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